Office Partitions

Desert Line Glass has been providing all types of Office Partitioning service for Qatar’s commercial sector for 10+years. Partitioning the office increases your space visually and generates a pleasant atmosphere for working. Office Partitions can be done using Glass, Wood, Or Gypsum board depending on the client’s requirement and the workspace ambiance. Keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, we are also providing movable glass partitions and glass folding systems.

Using Glass partitions has many benefits as it can bring in more natural light and are aesthetically more appealing. Also, Glass partitions are highly versatile and customizable, depending on the customer’s need. Desert Line Glass is proud to be associated with the biggest brands and businesses in Qatar, and we have carried out office partitioning service for many leading corporates in Qatar.

Our team will be more than happy to help you with your office partitioning requirements.


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