Shower Partitions

Desert Line Glass has been providing Bathroom and Shower Partitioning services for many residential and commercial projects in Qatar for 10+years. Using glass shower doors visually makes your bathrooms look a lot bigger and gives a luxurious look. Also, when compared to plastic or vinyl curtains, Glass harbors less mold and dirt, and your bathroom will look pristine for a long time. Also, glass partitions can separate the wet area and dry area in bathrooms, and they are highly versatile and customizable.

We have completed numerous installations of shower partitions, Glass Shower cubicles, and bathroom enclosures through the years. Hence we have a good understanding of our client requirements and can provide a highly customized shower partitioning service.

Desert Line Glass is proud to be associated with Qatar’s biggest brands and businesses. We have carried out Bathroom and Shower partitioning service for many prestigious residential and commercial projects in Qatar.

Our team will be more than happy to help you with your Shower partitioning and Glass Shower cubicle requirements.


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